Residents invited to take part in water use survey

Miss Newman, winner of the water use survey raffle, receiving her voucher from Tom Abbotts of Town & CountryResidents who have moved into some of our newly built homes recently took part in a water use survey. With three lucky participants winning prizes in Argos vouchers. They were:

  • 1st Place:      Miss Newman in Maidstone           (Winning £50)
  • 2nd Place:     Mr & Mrs Lister in Snodland           (Winning £30)
  • 3rd Place:      Mr & Mrs Polley in Hartfield             (Winning £20)

Town & Country ran the short study on how residents in new homes use water. The project looked at how people used such things as taps, sinks and showers and how satisfied they were. By increasing the efficiency of these we will be able to save on wasted water. For example, by reducing leaks and installing more efficient taps, showers and cisterns.

New homes are measured on how environmentally-friendly they are using what is known as the Code for Sustainable Homes. The Code is the national standard for the design and construction of new homes. It aims to reduce carbon emissions and create homes that are more sustainable.

We contacted residents who lived in homes which had been scored as Level 3 in the code. This means they are likely to use 105 litres per person per day.

Town & Country and Kent County Council worked alongside the local water companies which include South Eastern Water, Southern Water, Thames Water and Veolia Water South East to provide accurate details on how much water people use and how they use it.

This will enable the better planning and improvement of water items and services for all parties involved. The information will be used by Kent County Council, the local water companies and ourselves to understand how residents use water so that we can make improvements and plan for the future.

The final report will be completed by the end of Septemer.

We would like to thank residents for their help with this.