Service updates due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Page updated 26/07/2021

NHS hands face space

While the government has eased most Covid restrictions, Covid levels continue to increase at the moment and the pandemic continues to impact on everyone’s lives.

Full guidance about current recommendations can be found on the government’s website.

For the safety of our residents, staff and wider communities we continue to  operate with caution and take extra measures to avoid the spread of the virus. Please read the latest service update that we’ve sent to all residents showing how we propose to continue to work with you to try to stop the spread of the virus.



Countrywise Repairs are now delivering the full repairs service. However there’s still some backlogs from the lockdown period and a high level of new repairs being reported at present. Appointment slots are being booked for the soonest available times, but depending on the nature of the repair, wait times will vary.

We have also gradually restarted property improvement programmes, beginning with bathroom and boiler replacements . Routine property adaptations for disabled residents are  also starting again now, but please be aware that there is a long waiting list for some larger adaptations that are funded through local authority disabled facility grants.

Stock condition surveys have restarted too. A stock condition survey is a detailed inspection of your home, both internally as well as externally which is used to help us to plan improvements that might be due in the future.

When you call us to report a repair, we’ll discuss visit procedures to keep everyone as safe as possible. Our workers continue to follow a cautious approach, wearing masks and observing social distancing. You must still tell us please if anyone in your household is unwell or shielding or has been told to self-isolate.

Lettings and mutual exchanges

These are operating as usual although there’s still some backlogs with letting properties. Virtual processes remain in place for most lettings to minimise the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

Anti-social behaviour

We’re still getting a large number of calls about anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance. We understand that these have been really difficult times for everyone and ask please for your continued tolerance and understanding. With many people working from home or still being cautious about going out there may still be more day-to-day household noise than usual. Also, many people will be taking the opportunity to mix in larger numbers now it’s allowed, especially outdoors during the summer. Please be considerate of your neighbours and anything that might disturb them either indoors or outside.

Please do continue to report issues where there is a breach of tenancy or you feel someone in your community could be at risk, or in need of help or support. If you feel there is an immediate serious risk please call 999, other criminal issues should also be reported to the police on 101, you can find out about the police’s powers to deal with different ASB situations on the Kent Police website  or if you live in Sussex, please visit the Sussex Police website. Please remember that TCH has no powers to enforce the government’s Covid recommendations

Our teams continue to deal with anti-social behaviour and other tenancy issues, we’re starting to do more socially distanced, covid aware visits but these are still limited and cases can be more difficult to deal with and take longer to resolve as we and other agencies are still working more remotely than usual.      

Social distancing

We’re asking that residents continue  to observe social distancing measures at all times, in communal areas and if you see any of our staff or contractors out on site. Please be mindful of everyone’s safety; please wear a mask and observe social distancing recommendations if you approach anyone working on behalf of TCH.

Communal areas

We are endeavouring to provide cleaning and caretaking services as usual but like many companies our contractors are often dealing with staffing shortages due to staff self-isolating. Please continue to try only use communal areas when necessary and observe the hands, face, space, guidance at all times. Please also ensure that nothing is left or stored in communal areas, bin areas are used properly and keep storage on balconies reasonable, in order to prevent potential fire risks. Any communal areas that are currently closed will remain so until further notice. This is reviewed regularly.

We continue to operate with a cautious approach to all those services that involve face to face contact or being in communal spaces to keep everyone as safe as possible and to try to stop the spread of the virus. Thank you for your continued understanding and for working with us to help reduce risks.

We’ll continually review the situation and update this information as government advice and covid levels change.

Current national restrictions

Please click on the button below for details of current restrictions in England.

  • Track and trace: If you’re contacted by the NHS test and trace programme and asked to self-isolate, please follow their instructions.
  • Test and self-isolate: If you or anyone that you have been in contact with, have any of the symptoms of coronavirus you should try to get a test and you should self-isolate for the required length of time.
  • Be considerate of your neighbours: As people are spending more time at home, please try to be considerate and tolerant of those around you.

Guidance around Communal areas

  • Face covering: in many of our communal areas, especially hallways, social distancing is not possible. So we strongly advise that you wear a face covering in communal hallways and other communal areas
  • Social Distancing: it’s really important that the government guidelines around social distancing are observed. Please be aware of the 2 metre rule in all indoor and outdoor communal areas.
  • Lifts: Please try only to use lifts on your own or with other members of your household. If a lift is occupied when it stops on your floor or other people are waiting it’s better to wait for the next one.
  • Touchpoints: There are a lot of touchpoints like door handles and stair rails in communal areas. Our cleaners are paying particular attention to these but they aren’t on site every day. Please remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before, and after you’ve been in communal areas

Rent and other payments

We believe that no one should lose their home because of the coronavirus and want to support those of you who are having difficulty with rent payments.

Other support and advice

Do you need support with anything else? We can help find you the support you need.


Please click through to this page to see the latest update to our repairs service. 

Lettings and mutual exchanges

We’re continuing to let our homes, but with new processes in place to reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

Independent Living Services

Read how we are supporting our residents in our Independent Living schemes.  

Estate, blocks, communal and playground areas

Due to the restrictions on movements, we’ve changed the way we provide some of our communal services. 

Dealing with antisocial behaviour

We understand this is a challenging time for everyone. Please be considerate, tolerant and understanding of your neighbours. 

Beware of scammers

Sadly, coronavirus is creating a perfect environment for fraudsters with many scammers seeing it as an opportunity to profit.

Support with domestic abuse

Whoever you are, social isolation is not an excuse for domestic abuse. Click the button below for ways to get help.