Warning: solar panel maintenance scam

By July 19, 2018 No Comments

A company called ESE Limited is sending unsolicited letters to homes with solar panels across the country, including to a number of our residents.

The letters may suggest that warranties have expired, or servicing has not been carried out. They may also say that ESE installed or supplied the systems. This is not true; ESE have not had any involvement with any solar panels on any of our homes. They offer a free service and check, which they may say that you are entitled to.

If you engage with them, they may hint at inefficiencies or faults that require servicing, or replacement of the inverter, or they may even suggest a fire risk to your home.

Solar panels do not require any regular servicing; there are no moving parts or consumable items that might need work on or replacement.

We have our own warranty and maintenance relationships with contractors. If there is a fault we will arrange repairs for you; you should not involve third parties.

We are aware of a number of faulty inverters that do require replacement and we are arranging to replace these under our existing warranties at the moment.