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Tailoring our service to meet your needs

By March 10, 2020 No Comments

For some time now we’ve been reviewing our services to make sure that they are as reliable, modern and customer focused as they can be.  We’ve listened to resident feedback through lots of different channels, including satisfaction and other surveys, focus groups, complaints, and resident groups like the Scrutiny and Sheltered panels.

You’ve told us that your priorities are reliable, easy-to-use services with friendly, professional staff delivering services promptly and efficiently, and keeping you updated when issues are more complex or take longer to resolve.

Many residents want information and to be able to do things like checking rent payments and requesting repairs online 24/7 and more and more of you are signing up to our MyHomeOnline customer portal. More services and information will be available over time. We’re also introducing new mobile technology that will enable team members who visit your homes and communities to do an even better job, with more information available to them whilst they’re out and about.

We’ve just finished a staff consultation about changes to the way our tenancy services are organised and will be starting to implement these changes over the next few months. You will still see an accessible, responsive service but with a shift of focus; the improvements in technology will allow more efficient online services whilst still providing information and support to residents that need this.

We’re looking at our service standards as well, to make sure these are in line with your priorities of dealing with things promptly and keeping you informed. Our service offer will remain local with staff working out of our offices in Tunbridge Wells and East Kent to provide a responsive, effective service in our communities.

We’ll keep you updated about changes as the service evolves over the next few months. If you’d like to be involved in shaping and reviewing our services, please visit our Involved page.