Tenants' overall satisfaction with services rises to 79%.

Survey coverEarlier this year we sent a customer satisfaction survey to half of our residents and all of our sheltered tenants, leaseholders and shared owners. It is called a Status Survey.

The survey asked about how well we manage our homes and the services we provide. It enables us to compare our performance with the survey we carried out in 2008.

At-a-glance guides to the results of our recent Status Survey have been sent to all residents. You can read these guides on the publications page of our website.

Tenants’ overall satisfaction with our services has gone up significantly – from 71% to 79% - since the previous Status Survey in 2008. We think that this is because of the work we have been doing to make the repairs service better. Older tenants were generally very satisfied, although levels were a little lower for young tenants or those who had recently experienced anti-social behaviour.

There is a separate Status Survey for our homeowners. Taking everything into account, 60% of our homeowners said that they were satisfied overall with the service they received. This result was a little higher than the score in 2008 and the average for similar organisations.

We would like to thank everyone who returned their Status survey form.

We are now looking at the responses in detail to find out what residents think we do well and in which areas we could do better.