The Home Check Service

Homes in Tunbridge WellsHome Check is a new service that we are introducing from April 2012.

How does the scheme work?

A surveyor will carry out an inspection of the home, list any repairs that are our responsibility and arrange for these repairs to be done. The repairs are done on the understanding that no further repairs will be necessary to the home during the next 12 months, apart from emergencies. During the inspection the surveyor will also look at the general condition of the home in order to help us plan for future investment and maintenance.

As an added bonus, you will receive £50 in shopping vouchers after 12 months if you have kept to the terms of the scheme, which are:

  • You have not reported any repairs during the year, excluding emergencies
  • The property has been kept in good condition; in other words there are no defects needing repair by ourselves (a surveyor will carry out a follow-up visit to check this)
  • Your rent account is not in arrears
  • You have not breached the tenancy agreement

All of our tenants will be able to apply to go on the scheme, but places will be limited to ensure we can manage the workload. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee that an application to go on the scheme will be successful. We will reply to any requests to go on the scheme within three weeks.

Why are we introducing the Home Check Service?

Our research has shown that this service will be a more convenient way for you to have repairs carried out, because repairs will be carried out in one go, without you having to report each repair separately. The service also means that our contractors will be able to carry out the repairs in fewer visits. Finally, the inspection will help us gather information about the condition of the home so that we can predict future investment and maintenance needs.

Will the Home Check Service cover all repairs?

Only those repairs that are part of Town and Country’s repair responsibilities will be carried out. You still have to carry out repairs that are your responsibility. However, during the inspection the surveyor will provide any practical advice needed to help.

In some cases larger or more complex repairs may need to be added to a future programme of works and therefore we may not be able to do the work straightaway. We will let you know if this is the case.

Will I be told the dates when the surveyor and the contractor will call?

Yes. We will agree an appointment with you for when the surveyor will carry out the inspection. Our contractor will agree an appointment with you for when the repairs will be done.