Town and Country Housing and Rosebery Housing Association are looking at an opportunity to form a combined regional organisation within the Peabody Group.

Following the Peabody and Catalyst merger on 1 April 2022, Town and Country Housing (TCH) and Rosebery Housing Association are now both subsidiaries of the new Peabody Group, with complementary operational areas and strategic goals.

During the course of the coming year, TCH and Rosebery will be exploring how we might bring our businesses closer together. Then, subject to all necessary consultation and consents, we will consider transferring Rosebery Housing Association assets and operations to TCH in 2023.

Preliminary meetings between TCH and Rosebery have been extremely positive and we both see the opportunity to create a new, stronger presence in the south-east, which will benefit our residents.

TCH and Rosebery are both very much community-based organisations and we both have strong local roots. Bringing us together would provide an opportunity to expand our local presence and deliver better services to our customers.

We believe this will help us provide new opportunities for our residents, our build programme and our colleagues.