Tunbridge Wells domestic abuse helpline ready for surge in calls after England World Cup matches

Domestic abuse helpline 01892 570538For most people the World Cup is a time of excitement but for some, it is a time of fear and dread. Those already living with domestic abuse know the dreadful impacts this hidden crime has upon their lives and the lives of any children they may have – for some, the World Cup could have a very different score.

It is well researched and statistically proven that incidents of domestic abuse increase during the World Cup. Kent Police have conducted analysis of the last World Cup and the effects it had upon the numbers of domestic abuse incidents occurring. The results were shocking.

“Every time England play – especially their first and last match of the tournament – incidents of Domestic Abuse can increase by at least 25%,“ said Ailsa Paton, the Tunbridge Wells Domestic Abuse Services Co-ordinator.

“Where there are exacerbating factors – such as extra time and penalties or where England play against an historical arch rival – such as a team like Argentina or Germany this level can increase by up to 50%.

“You also need to take into account the increased levels of alcohol drunk whilst watching these games and the potential outcomes of the above cocktail of alcohol and violence can be horrific.”

In response to these startling findings added to people’s increased intake of alcohol during the matches, local Police are ensuring there will be extra cover for every England match and will work in partnership with the Tunbridge Wells Domestic Abuse Advisory Service telephone helpline -  01892 570538.

The Domestic Abuse Advisers will be available to talk to anyone – male or female who experiences any form of abuse at any time before, during or after a match.

“The helpline, funded by the Tunbridge Wells Community Safety Partnership currently runs 5 days a week between 10am – 4pm. Anyone can call for help at those times to talk or to arrange an appointment with one of the advisers – however we are ensuring that there will be an extension to this service so that there will be someone on the end of the telephone to talk to throughout the World Cup, and we would encourage people to call for help,” said Ailsa.

The advisers are fully trained to help and support anyone experiencing any level or form of domestic abuse – whether it is physical, emotional, financial or psychological.

Please call 01892 570538 for help.

Ailsa's role as Domestic Abuse Services Co-ordinator is jointly funded by Town & Country and she is based at our offices.

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