Tunbridge Wells Borough Council have now started their new recycling and waste services across the borough this week. As a result, the bins you use for your recycling (plastics, glass and tins) and your paper and cardboard may have changed…

If your bins are affected, new stickers will have been placed on the bins letting you know what to put in each bin.

What goes where following the changes?

Under the new scheme, you can now recycle glass with your tins and plastics – just put it all in the same recycling bin (please rinse items to help avoid contamination). Paper and cardboard continues to be collected separately and should be placed in the paper and cardboard bin. Your rubbish bin remains unchanged.

What about my food waste?

Currently food waste collections are not available to communal properties, but it is anticipated that this service will be extended to include flats from early 2020. More details will follow as the information becomes available.

You can find out more about the new recycling and waste service in Tunbridge Wells here.

tunbridge wells council a3 waste information foyer