Value for money (VfM) strategy

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We are currently reviewing our VfM strategy and would like your help to continue to develop it.  At Town & Country Housing (TCH), VfM is an important consideration in everything that we do.

VfM is defined as:

‘To produce as much social, financial and environmental value as possible from the resources we use to deliver quality homes and services, in neighbourhoods people choose, with the goal of improving lives’.

In terms of money spent, VfM is not always about paying the lowest price for goods and services, it’s about making sure that all money spent delivers efficient, quality outcomes.

The VfM strategy is delivered through the implementation of an action plan that is reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant. The Regulator of Social Housing monitors our VfM performance and our progress against the action plan is reported twice yearly to our Board.

You can view the 28 actions and corresponding success measures by clicking the button below.

Please let us know by Friday 18 February 2022 if there is anything that should be added or if you have any other comments by emailing: