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What is a tenancy audit?

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A tenancy audit involves a visit from one of our staff who will check that our records about your household are up to date. They’ll also check the condition of your property and give you the opportunity to discuss any queries about your home, your tenancy or your neighbourhood, face to face. We aim to audit around 20% of all our properties each year, so you can expect to have a tenancy audit at your home at least once every 5 years.

While for most of our residents these are routine visits, it is important that we carry out these checks to ensure our properties are safe. Verifying who lives in the property can help us in an emergency. It can also help us protect against things like tenancy fraud, cuckooing and to identify and assist with any support or safeguarding issues.

Keeping up to date records on the diversity of residents allows us to tailor the service we provide to meet all our residents’ needs. The audit allows us to capture up to date information throughout the tenancy as household circumstances often change from the start of a tenancy.

The sort of issues that can be picked up during the audits are:

  • Adaptations and aids within the property
  • Assisting with providing additional support
  • Changing the way we contact you to your preferred method (e.g.  by email, letter, text or a different language)
  • Identifying where your housing needs are not being met
  • Ensuring we are not excluding anyone from accessing our services

The audits give you the opportunity to meet Town & Country staff and raise any questions or concerns you have.

Tenancy audits may be carried out unannounced or by prior appointment, but we will always introduce ourselves, provide identification and explain why we’re visiting you in your home.

If you have any questions about the tenancy audit process, please let us know.