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What is anti-social behaviour?

By October 22, 2017 No Comments

Anti-social behaviour or ASB can take many forms and has a negative effect on the quality of life for individuals and the community.

This can be anything from low-level nuisance to serious criminal behaviour and include things like:

  • Noise nuisance, such as loud parties, loud TVs and radios
  • Verbal abuse (shouting, arguing and swearing)
  • Environmental issues, such as overfilling bins, dumping rubbish illegally, abandoned vehicles, damaging property and graffiti
  • Drugs and alcohol related behaviour
  • Intimidation and harassment such as threatening behaviour, verbal abuse
  • Violent or physical attacks
  • ‘Hate’ behaviour, directed against members of particular groups because of differences (for example, race or religion).

How should I deal with anti-social behaviour?