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What is the procedure for claiming the Right to Buy?

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You can download the forms and information leaflet on my home online or you can email . The application form (known as an RTB1) should be completed and returned to the Sales Team at Town and Country Housing Group, Monson House, Monson Way, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1LQ. Please note that we may write to you for extra information, such as proof that a family member lives at the address.

We will send you a response form (known as an RTB2) telling you whether or not you have the Right to Buy. We will respond within eight weeks. If you do not have the Right to Buy we will tell you why.

If you do have the Right to Buy, we will arrange for a valuation to be carried out on the property. After this has been done we will then send you a Formal Offer Notice (also known as a Section 125 Notice), which will tell you how much you will have to pay to buy your home. It will include other important information about service charges, if you live in a flat/maisonette.

The notice will also tell you about any structural defects we know the property has. We will send the Section 125 Notice to you within 8 weeks from the date of the RTB2 or within 12 weeks if you live in a flat/maisonette.

With the Section 125 Notice, we will send you a form asking if you wish to accept or refuse the offer. You can have the property re-valued by the District Valuer, if you do not agree with the valuation price given. The value the District Valuer sets is final. If you accept the offer and want to continue with the sale, you must tell us the name of the Solicitor who will be acting for you.

We will need to obtain the plans of your property and our Surveyor may need to visit you again to do this. A solicitor acting for the Association will then contact your solicitor to arrange the final details of the sale.

To speed the process along you may wish to arrange for any mortgage you may need whilst we are obtaining the plans. You may also decide to get an independent survey done by a qualified surveyor.

If you do wish to proceed you need to return the acceptance form within twelve weeks of the date of the offer or date of re-determined valuation.

If you have not returned the acceptance within this time, we will write to you giving you twenty-eight days’ notice that your right to buy application will be cancelled. This notice will give you a chance to tell us any extenuating circumstances why the period for your application be extended. If you do not respond to this twenty-eight day notice, your application will be deemed to have been withdrawn.

If you accept the offer, you have three months to complete the sale. If you have not completed within this time we will notify you in writing to complete the transaction within a period of at least 56 days. If you do not comply, we can serve a further notice on you of at least 56 days, after which if you have not completed the transaction you will be deemed to have withdrawn.