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Why can’t I reopen my fireplace?

By November 28, 2018 No Comments

While it may be tempting to reopen a solid fuel fire in your home, it is extremely dangerous to do so. This is because these fireplaces have been closed for years and not maintained or cleaned in this time, so opening it comes with a significant health and safety risk to you and others living with you.

What’s the risk?

There are lots of problems that could arise from reopening a fireplace – for example, the existing opening in the chimney may not be suitable for the fuel being used by the occupant, or it may need to be repaired or replaced entirely due to damage. Such problems could cause a fire in yours or adjoining property(ies) or potentially lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Additionally, they could have a huge impact on the environment – most people don’t realise, but these fires release more particles per hour than a diesel truck. That’s because a freshly cut log of wood contains about a pint of water, and much of the heat energy is used to dry the water out, which causes the wood to smoke and smoulder, releasing dangerous pollutant into the air (source: BBC).

With the risk of injury and at worse, death, opening fireplaces can bring, they should never be reopened and used.

If you have an open at home that’s not been looked at, please contact us immediately on 01892 501443 to arrange an inspection from Headcorn Heating.