Here are just three changes we have made from listening to you and learning from our mistakes. We will always review what’s gone wrong and look at ways to improve things. It is important you continue to share your feedback with us, good or bad, so we know what’s going well and what needs changing.

Keeping you up to date

You often tell us that we could be better at updating you about queries and ongoing issues. To improve this we’ve done some training with existing and new members of staff about our ‘brilliant basics – a set of simple rules about communication with residents and colleagues. We have also reemphasised the importance of keeping residents up to date.

Letting you know if we need to put up scaffolding

We know that scaffolding is an inconvenience, but it is sometimes needed to support the repair and maintenance of our buildings. Our repairs service are working to improve their processes by making sure residents and any other households affected are contacted as soon as the use of scaffolding has been approved. We’re also aiming to include more key information in the letters to help minimise any issues that may arise.

Making sure belongings aren’t wrongly disposed of

A decant is when we offer someone a move due to major repairs or improvements being needed in their property, often because of an incident like a fire or flood.

Following a flood in a resident’s property, they were offered a permanent decant and we mistakenly disposed of some of the resident’s personal items, wrongly believing they were no longer wanted. As a result of this we have reviewed the decant process to provide clearer steps for staff and contractors to take. We have also made the decant documents digital, including the signed disclaimer and inventory form so they can be quickly sent directly to residents.