You may have noticed that there are now regular surveys in this email newsletter. Your feedback is really valuable in helping us to improve our services. We consider everything that residents tell us and analyse feedback themes and trends. We use this information, along with other forms of resident feedback, to make sure that our strategic decisions and day-to-day services remain locally focused and meet the needs and priorities of our residents. Look out for articles in our future emails letting you know how services have changed because of what you have told us.

We also look at individual comments from online surveys and the satisfaction surveys carried out on our behalf by independent research company Voluntas. If you tell us that something is wrong or there’s an outstanding issue with a service such as a repair, we’re eager to talk to you to learn more and try to put things right. If there’s something you’re not satisfied with, please consider providing your contact details and consent for us to get back in touch so that we can contact you directly to resolve your query. Thank you.