As part of our ongoing commitment to offering the best customer service possible, we have recently asked a market research company to carry out surveys for us.

orange phone ringing, blue background

If you are a Town & Country Housing tenant, you may soon receive a phone call from a company called Voluntas asking for your opinion on our service. Any feedback given to Voluntas will be anonymous and used so we can look at how we can improve our customer service.

Who are Voluntas and why have we asked them?

Voluntas are a research company based in the UK that specialise in customer surveys.

Voluntas are members of the Market Research Society (the ‘world’s leading research association involved with data and insight’) and therefore follow strict rules on how to collect customer feedback.

Voluntas will call from a Birmingham phone number (i.e. beginning ‘0121’) and ask if you are able to take part, after introducing themselves. Please note, they will not ask any personal questions or questions about finance, but just about your experience with us as a landlord and the services we provide, as well as what we are doing right and/or could improve on.

Why are we doing this?

Simply to get better at what we do – answering questions about your experience as a customer of Town & Country Housing will allow us to improve the service we provide to our 9,000+ tenants in the future.

What happens to my personal data?

To run the surveys, we do need to share some of your data (e.g. name, address, telephone number and date of birth) with Voluntas; however, this data will only be used for analysing the results. All data held by Voluntas will be securely removed from their systems once the research is finished.

The responses to the survey will not be shared with any other company or organisation or used for marketing purposes.

Taking part in the survey is voluntary and we really appreciate tenants giving up their time to do the survey. If you have any questions about the customer research, do get in touch.