Your Sherwood December 2010

Your Sherwood front coverSherwood residents have been given a four page newsletter packed with information on the Sherwood Vision - a major project which aims to turn the estate from a good place to live into a great place to live.

Copies of Your Sherwood were distributed around the estate by volunteers and are available from TN2 and local shops. 

Download a copy. Sherwood Vision newsletter.pdf (1.265MB) Adobe Acrobat File

Town & Country’s operations director Paul Turton said: “Sherwood Vision is about making what residents tell us is already a good place to live even better. It’s an exciting project that brings together everyone involved in any way with our community to play a part in making Sherwood an even more vibrant, attractive and prosperous place to live.”

Just some of the results residents will see from Sherwood Vision ...

  • Improved image of Sherwood as a great place to live
  • Homes improved to make them more energy efficient, making them cheaper to run and better for the environment
  • New and affordable eco-friendly homes
  • Open spaces improved to provide communal gardens, herb gardens, and safe and attractive places for children to play
  • Local apprenticeships and support for residents to find work
  • Neighbourhood services that are more responsive to the needs and priorities of residents
  • Residents supported to improve access to and management of Greggs Wood
  • More activities and opportunities for young people
  • Increased resident involvement, leading to an even stronger sense of community

A vision for Sherwood
For a while now signs have been going up, leaflets produced and some talk going on about the Sherwood Vision. So what is it, what does it mean and how will it impact the lives of Sherwood’s residents?

First and foremost, Sherwood Vision is a shared vision. It’s the result of a long and varied programme of consultations that have taken place with residents over the past two years. These include Ward Walks, a survey of residents, and consultations with them specifically on local service standards and the long-term vision for the estate.

Through this process, residents have been able to tell us what’s important to them, what’s good and not so good about living in Sherwood, and what improvements could be made to make life better. Sherwood Vision pulls all this feedback together to set local priorities, determined by residents, which will regenerate Sherwood and improve the lives of those who live there.

It will create a Sherwood of the future that isn’t just a good place to live, but a great place to be – for our families, our senior citizens, and our young people. Implementing the Sherwood Vision involves all the different organisations and agencies who play a part in providing services and support (such as help with jobseeking, benefits advice, social care or healthcare) to the people of Sherwood, and requires them to work together to ensure they bring about the real and meaningful improvements that residents have asked for.

Organisations working with the community on the Sherwood Vision include Town & Country Housing, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Kent County Council; K College, High Weald Partnership, the Primary Care Trust and the Team Sherwood resident representatives.

Community activities captured on camera for the Sherwood Vision Photostory - find out more!

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